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''You're in the Army Now' and 'Continental Call': welcome to our concert series at Huis Kernhem, the Netherlands

Foundations WorldTown Music and Huis Kernhem have joined forces to create a new venue for jazz and world music in the Airborne region, the Netherlands. Both series are part of ‘Roadmap to Freedom’ and celebrate our freedom with jazz and world music. The regular programming in Huis Kernhem is now enriched with the two concert series 'You're in the Army Now' and 'Continental Call'. Pianist Edgar van Asselt hosts both concert series, and is also responsible for the musical direction and programming.

The concert series ‘You’re in the Army Now’ shines the limelight on legendary jazz musicians that served in the US Army during or around WWII. An underrated connection, because many jazz musicians were not only schooled in the Army Bands, but their army service also served as a stepping stone in their careers. For example, during his military service with the U.S. Navy, John Coltrane made his first jazz recordings.

Our new series 'Continental Call' focuses on the many blends between jazz and music and rhythms from all over the world. We celebrate this musical freedom with a series of top musicians from all over the world, playing Brazilian Music, Latin Jazz, Tango, and Flamenco. Enjoy the many sides of world music in the beautiful setting of Huis Kernhem!

Live or Streaming: you choose!

You can attend our concerts in Huis Kernhem live. Because we do not yet know which measures will apply, we can initially only sell a limited amount of tickets. The concerts will also be streamed live, so you will always have front row seats no matter what. You can watch a missed concert later on our site.



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