what if the concert cannot take place due to Corona measures?

You will then receive a voucher for one of our other concerts in the season. you can also choose to exchange your ticket for a live stream ticket. You will then receive the difference back or you can donate to us.

I didn't get the stream through / technical questions

If you can't follow the stream, that's very annoying. If there is something technically wrong with us, we will of course let you know. But we ask you to check your browser settings and YT settings first.

why can't I buy passe-partouts for live tickets

The number of live tickets is very limited due to the measures. We want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to buy a ticket and choose not to offer live passepartoutes under these circumstances.

I bought a streaming ticket, where can I watch the livestream

It is possible to watch the livestream on our livestream page. On the day of the concert it is possible to visit our livestream page via various buttons on the website and via the menu. Can't find him? Click here to go to our livestream page. Note: A password is required to proceed to the live stream. On the livestream page, instructions are given on how and which password you can use for this.



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