You're in the army now

A tribute to Cannonball Adderley
feat Marco Kegel

3 Oktober 2021 16:00 uur, Huis Kernhem, Ede.

The concert series  ‘You’re in the Army Now’ shines the limelight on legendary jazz musicians that served in the US Army during or around WWII. An underrated connection, because many jazz musicians were not only schooled in the Army Bands, but their army service also served as a stepping stone in their careers.

Julian "Cannonball" Adderley grew up in Florida and actually wanted to play tenor sax, but due to lack of money it became an alto sax. In 1950 he started his military service with the 36th US Army band, where he played together with his brother Nat and trombonist Curtis Fuller. After the band was transferred to Washington D.C., Cannonball studied at the US Naval Academy and later became a bandleader at Fort Knox.

When Cannonball moved to New York, he quickly became one of the scene's most sought-after players. He also played on a number of albums that are considered classics now, such as 'Something Else' by Art Blakey. But it was the album 'Kind of Blue' by Miles Davis, that gained cult status also due to Adderley's contribution. Later in his career, he formed his own bands with brother Nat and focused more on soul jazz, gaining great fame with the hit "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy".

Host and pianist Edgar van Asselt has invited alto saxophonist Marco Kegel as a guest for this tribute. He and Kegel have been friends for many years, performed together may times and share the same passion for jazz. Kegel is the perfect match for this tribute, with a sound and swing that, like Adderley, is lyrical, passionate and full of soul.

You can attend the concert live in Huis Kernhem as well as streaming from your living room. The number of live tickets is limited, so order your tickets now. 

line-up: Marco Kegel (alto sax), Uli Glaszmann (bass), tba (drums), Edgar van Asselt (piano).


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A tribute to Cannonball Adderley


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